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Work Experience
Global House’s ‘In-House’ Skills Centre is responsible for the development of employees through the Induction Training program with on-going vocational training from apprenticeships and skills for life, N.V.Qs. and Institute of Leadership Management Development programmes. Our new staff work with experienced staff to acquire a better understanding of the job.

We have a work placement programme to provide new staff with a realistic and varied experience of our firm. This system is in place so as to enable new staff apply their key skills such as communication skills, application of numeracy, system information technology, group and team work and problem solving in a diligent manner.


Global House knows that apprentices are paramount to the future growth of companies. Hence, the programme ensures that we maintain the skills, experience and talent required to continue growing. Apprenticeships enable personnel to simultaneously learn, work, earn and gain qualifications. Normally, it is a step by step process, and at the end, one will be well trained and qualified with a promising future in the company.

Global House programmes combines technical training with management skills to help staff to succeed. As well as formal training, mentors help our graduates to find their way in the world of Facilities Management, Health Care Management, Security Management, and Labour Supply Management.

We are always looking for dedicated, qualified staff who are eager to use their skills in a friendly environment.


The Recruitment Process
We will ensure that any advertisements will be designed and presented effectively to ensure the right candidates are attracted. Advertisements for vacant positions will be placed in a national or regional newspaper and the local Job Centre for the categories of persons required. It is the policy of Global House Facilities (UK) Limited to ensure that all potential applicants are eligible to work within the UK. Preference is given to applicants that hold valid certification and also approved medical screening for drugs and alcohol, and that are suitably qualified and medically fit to work in a competent and safe manner whilst carrying out their duties.

Job description will include:

  • main purpose of the job
  • main tasks of the job
  • scope of the job
  • responsibilities of the job
  • reporting structure
  • pay structure
  • hours to be worked

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  Information Management  

Global House Data Information Centre
Our data information centre operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our aim is to analyse and supply information to both clients and our contract management team. Our clients also have access to our Help-Desk and Data System. Data such as, Employee Allocation to Site, Time and Attendance, Rates of pay, and Holiday Entitlement are such information that can be accessed. We also watch the news channels so as to be aware if something happens near a client's premises that might affect our operations.

Global House help desk is the hub of the company that enables our firm to manage induction process, monitor quality, and Health & Safety issues.

  Core Values  
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